Kimura Shukokai karate is often associated with explosive and powerful techniques. While strength and precision are essential, the integration of soft techniques plays a crucial role in enhancing your effectiveness and versatility. In this post, we explore 5 benefits of integrating softness into your karate, and how they can contribute to your overall martial arts ability.

  1. Increases fluidity

One of the main advantages of being soft in your karate is to enhance your smoothness. By being softer and more agile, you can easily switch between attacking and defending, responding better to dynamic changes in the fight.

  1. Heightens awareness

Being softer improves your ability to sense and feel subtle cues from your opponent. This helps you predict and react to their moves more accurately. This heightened sensory awareness makes you a better fighter, allowing you to control and direct your opponent’s moves more accurately.

  1. Conserves energy

Being soft means staying relaxed, which helps you save energy. This strategic approach improves your physical performance and accuracy and minimises your risk of injury.

  1. Improves balance and control

Soft techniques focus on staying stable and centered, meaning you can move with better control. Balance enhances your awareness of where your weight is placed, leading to more efficient movement.

  1. Builds mental strength and focus

By practicing relaxation techniques, controlling your breathing, and staying mindful, you learn to stay calm and composed under pressure. This mental toughness improves situational awareness and decision-making, making you a better martial artist overall.


Adding softness into Kimura Shukokai karate is essential for developing a well-rounded and effective skillset. By focusing on fluidity, sensitivity, and control, you can improve your karate without putting additional strain on your body. Integrating softness into your practice not only improves your technical skills but also helps develop your mental toughness.  Like everything in life, it’s all about finding the right balance.