Karate Adults & Teens

We train body, mind and spirit for the explosive release of energy. The physical and mental benefits of karate are well documented: increased alertness and attention, reduced aggression, better stress management, enhanced emotional well-being and an increased working memory. We welcome anyone who has a positive attitude, a desire to learn and a willingness to serve.

Karate children

At Samurai we know that confidence is your child’s most valuable asset. Our karate helps to balance a healthy self-esteem with humility and respect for the discipline, the senseis, and each other. We help your children recognise their potential and reach their goals.  We help you as parents ensure your children are the best they can be, both inside and outside the dojo. At Samurai you get quality instruction, a safe and friendly environment, discipline and focus, friendship and fun.


Develop a lean, agile body and boost your mental focus. Improve your balance, co-ordination, reaction time and agility. Increase cardio and endurance. Build natural strength and muscle tone. We coach everyone, from first timers to advanced.

For All Levels

If you want to develop a lean, agile body and boost your mental focus, or if you’re committed to developing your physical and mental strength, you’ll find what you need at Samurai. From beginner to advanced.

Karate Adults & Teens
The physical and mental benefits of karate for adults and teens are well documented: increased alertness and attention, reduced aggression, better stress management, increased working memory and enhanced emotional well-being. We have highly experienced instructors and international standard facilities to teach each of these core skills. Our new adult beginner classes ensure you can learn in a relaxed, non-threatening environment, catering for both mixed-gender or women’s only classes.
Kids Karate
Karate Children

We help your children recognise their potential and reach their goals. We help parents ensure your children are the best they can be, both inside and outside the dojo.


  • Karate will get your child active, building strength and flexibility.
  • Learning a new skill will increase their confidence and self esteem.
  • The constant strengthening of neural networks in the brain will help your child practice better self-control.
  • Your child will learn teamwork, collaboration and socialising skills – working in pairs and groups is a common form of instruction at Samurai.
  • The need to be fully mentally present in class improves focus and concentration.
  • Clear rules and boundaries provide structure, and the children need to listen to and follow instructions from the Senseis.
  • Karate teaches children non-violent conflict resolution.
  • On a physical level, exercises like the power bridge improve core strength and shoulder stability.
  • Punching and kicking offer balance and bilateral integration, essential for letter formation and reading.
  • Kicking strengthens large muscle groups, which enhances gross motor co-ordination.
  • Karate focuses on self-improvement, working on specific personal goals.
  • Karate teaches your child to keep moving forward, no matter what social and environmental changes take place. This promotes resilience, determination and grit.

If you’d like to train like a boxer but not necessarily get into the ring, this high-intensity, cardio workout will help you build explosiveness and lean muscle mass. It includes skipping, footwork, head movement, ab-core exercises and boxing drills – on focus mitts and heavy bag.

Kickbox Fit

Kickboxfit is a group cardio fitness class that combines martial arts techniques with challenging HIIT, tabata, heavy bag, and focus mitt circuits. You’ll learn kicking combinations and techniques to build stamina and improve co-ordination and flexibility while you burn calories. From beginner to advanced.


This is about building your body to be capable of doing everyday functional activities. The training exercises mimic common movement patterns like pushing and pulling, bending, lifting, digging, chopping, reaching, jumping, slamming, and so on. We do this with weight and resistance to improve strength and agility in the upper and lower bodies, emphasizing core stability, dexterity and balance.


On-demand workshops and self-defence ‘street’ training for all genders and all ages. Learn physical and psychological tools to help prevent and overcome dangerous situations. We combine martial arts and self-defence techniques for more confidence in gun, knife and unarmed combat situations.

Kickbox Fit
Schools Programme

Research shows that children as young as three can benefit from karate: it helps to improve their self-awareness, fitness, coordination, and social skills and is a safe way to let off extra energy. Samurai has run a schools programme since 1993, teaching pre-schoolers these fundamental skills, while first and foremost making sure the children have fun.  We respect and support all levels of ability, helping young children build positive self-esteem, focus, and control. We’re proud to teach 3, 4, and 5-year-olds, on-premises, at their respective schools:

Bairnsleigh Pre-Primary | Grassroots Preparatory | Keurboom Educare | Little Bosch Pre-Primary

Floor work

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“I enrolled my son at Samurai and enjoyed watching him learn, train and grow. As I was 50+ and didn’t enjoy a gym environment (but felt the need to introduce some sort of physical regimen into my daily life) karate seemed like an interesting way to challenge my body, but not in a simply mindless way. The people I met at Samurai embody a wholly positive attitude, which is very appealing to me. While we are all competitive, we enjoy watching each other develop and improve. I have joined a community that embraces some of the principles that I aspire to and try to nurture and bring into my daily interactions with my family, friends, work and general social life. 13 years after starting, I am fitter than I was when I started; I have made friends with exemplary individuals and am committed to the principle of continuous development. In the spirit of OSU.”


CEO | 4th Dan Black Belt

“A lack of self-confidence and being bullied brought me to Samurai Claremont. It has been a wonderful experience and I have earned my black belt through hard work and dedication”


Student | 1st Dan Black Belt

“I started karate when I was 12 and absolutely loved it. As I’ve gotten older, karate has become an important part of who I am. It’s no longer simply training, but about developing and growing as a person and karateka. I’ve met some of my closest friends through the dojo and I’ve developed a discipline and mental strength without which I don’t think I would have had such success at school and university. I’ve gained confidence in myself and my ability to manage the world around me.”


Candidate Attorney | 3rd Dan Black Belt

Confidence • Respect • Control

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