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Samurai Karate
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OUR VISION  To inspire our students to live a better everyday life.

OUR PROMISE  World-class training which is inclusive, challenging and fun.

OUR ESSENCE  Mind-body practice. Healthy living. Friendships for life.

Karate for adults & teens

Kimura Shukokai karate for mental agility, functional strength, and personal growth. All levels and ages.


One stop training for fitness, focus and friendship using martial techniques. From beginner to advanced.

Karate for children

Developing your child’s confidence, discipline and gross motor skills while making friends and having fun.


“I have been training at Samurai Claremont under Sensei Bruce since I was 11. It is clear to me that it is my training, more than anything else, that has provided me with a level of determination and grit that has proved invaluable in my pursuit of my goals as an entrepreneur.”


CEO | 4th Dan Black Belt

“This is just a note of thanks. The dojo has delivered what no other extramural or even our school has been able to deliver during the lockdown: consistent professionalism, real instruction/learning, and solid step-up for community empathy and action. You and your team are outstanding. Thank you. You raise the bar!”


Karate mom

Confidence • Respect • Control

Samurai Dojo

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