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Our dojo is no ordinary gym. It’s a safe, friendly space with a curriculum for life. So much more than a kick and a punch.


Training at Samurai is life-changing. It strengthens the mind and body and builds fundamental skills for life.

Whether it’s the 4-year-old who develops concentration, the teenager who grows in confidence, the twenty-something who cultivates grit, or the mature adult who builds strength and agility – we care about our members as martial artists and as human beings. At Samurai we respect and support everyone’s individual abilities and goals.

Our dojo encourages and promotes the core values of martial arts: continuous self-improvement, perseverance, discipline and respect. We have a deep appreciation of our training environment – the dojo, the ring, the forest, the mountain, the beach, or on the field.

Each lesson is specific and conscious, showing respect for your opponents, for your master, for the dojo, for life.

That is training at Samurai.




“I’ve discovered that karate has so many benefits for children – like better discipline, more motivation, and a LONGER attention span.”

As a mum and occupational therapist, I’m amazed at the key benefits karate offers for school readiness: bilateral integration, core strength, balance and left/right discrimination, building large muscle groups and improving gross motor skills. Karate kids are not only learning a beneficial sport, they’re having fun and improving the tools that are necessary for early childhood development.”

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Kimura Shukokai Karate

Live a Better Life

Kimura Shukokai is our style of karate, which is directly descended from the Okinawan masters. It means ‘the explosive release of energy’ and it strives to achieve the greatest impact with the least amount of effort. The secret, is in the breath. Correct breathing enhances physical performance, focuses the mind, builds concentration and strengthens resolve. This is also important for our kata, which is the Japanese word used to describe co-ordinated sequences and movement patterns. Correct breathing in kata allows you to improve speed, footwork and precision. We believe that kata lives in the spirit of the gesture and not the gesture itself. Every technique has these principles at its core.

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Our Senseis

What makes our dojo different is the quality of training and caring attitude of our instructors. We take an active interest in the wellbeing of each of our students, from age 4 to 74, and respect their individual goals. With numerous international awards and achievements among us, we happen to love what we do.

Sensei Bruce

“That which we persist in doing becomes easier to do. Not that the nature of the thing has changed but the power to do so has increased”
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Sensei Bruce van Rensburg
Martial art KSI / Boxing
Since Age 21
Level 6th Dan KSI
Highest accolade

Kata & Kumite Double Gold

KSI Open European Championship

Claim to fame Lived through a Bear Grylls survival course
What keeps you training Passion
What makes a successful karateka Effort
Vice Chocolate
Top value
Birthday 25 September
Day job Principal of Samurai Dojo
Hobby Camping & adventure
Sensei Brad

“Everyone has a plan until they get hit”
Mike Tyson

Sensei Bradley Park
Martial art KSI
Since Age 21
Level 6th Dan KSI
Highest accolade

Team Kata Gold medalist

KSI World Championships

Claim to fame
Ran the Comrades marathon
What keeps you training
Fascination with breath and the body
What makes a successful karateka Hard work
Vice Whiskey
Top value
Adding value
Birthday 16 April
Day job Software developer
Hobby Sports. All sports.
Sensei Luchiano

“I don’t care if you’re the most powerful cat in the room. I will judge you by the way you treat the least powerful”
Tim Minchin

Sensei Rob Acton


Martial art KSI and other styles
Since 2003
Level 5th Dan KSI
Highest accolade Kata 5th round World Championships
Claim to fame
Designed and published own tabletop game
What keeps you training
Love of learning
What makes a successful Karateka Perseverance, honesty and a touch of madness
Vice Almond croissants
Top value
Birthday 6 May
Day job Advocate
Hobby Tabletop gaming and guitar


Sensei Charlie

“Overcome space, and all we have left is here. Overcome time,
and all we have is now.”

Jonathan Livingston Seagull

Sensei Charlie Hinde


Martial art Sankukai / KSI / Jiu Jitsu / Arnis (Escrima)
Since Age 5
Level 7th Dan KSI
Highest accolade

Kata gold medalist 

KSI  World Championships 2023

Claim to fame
Cycled the Camino through the French Pyrenees
What keeps you training
Quest to improve efficiency of motion and power
What makes a successful karateka
Vice Cadbury’s Wholenut
Top value
Birthday 12 July
Day job
Information security

Tech & travel

There are no limits, only plateaus
Bruce Lee

Sensei Cameron Froud
Martial art KSI
Since Age 9
Level 4th Dan KSI
Highest accolade

Kumite Bronze medalist

KSI World Championships

Claim to fame
What keeps you training
Striving to be better than yesterday
What makes a successful karateka
Vice Peanut butter
Top value
Birthday 9 September
Day job
COO at Sexy Socks

Movies & exercise


Sensei Luchiano

“Simplicity is the key to brilliance”
Bruce Lee

Sensei Rafael Pieterse


Martial art KSI
Since Age 9
Level 1st Dan KSI
Highest accolade

KSI World Championships 2023

Claim to fame
100m /200m/800m runner for Western Province 
What keeps you training
Striving to make the ordinary extraordinary
What makes a successful Karateka Respect, Spirit and Energy
Vice Bakers’ Lemon Creams
Top value
Birthday 23 March
Day job ETA Sports Science Student & Karate Instructor at Samurai Dojo
Hobby Hiking and swimming



Since 2010


Since 2010, Samurai Dojo has been a strong supporter of Capricorn Primary School and the Vrygrond community. Learning karate has had a positive impact on tension and hostility levels at the school. This has helped the students become more settled and focused in the classroom, and more confident and disciplined on the field.


“We’re privileged to see many of the learners grow in physical, mental and emotional strength through hard work and dedication in their training.”



Confidence • Respect • Control

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