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Adult Karate
Karate Adult + Teen

The physical and mental benefits of karate for teens and adults are well documented: increasing alertness and attention, reducing aggression, managing stress, enhancing emotional well-being and increasing working memory. We have experienced and award winning instructors, historical lineage and world class facilities.

Kids Karate
Karate Children

We help your children recognise their potential and reach their goals. We help you as parents ensure your children are the best they can be, both inside and outside the dojo.


  • Karate will get your child active, building strength and flexibility
  • Learning a new skill will increase their confidence and self esteem
  • The constant strengthening of neural networks in the brain helps your child practice better self-control
  • Your child will learn teamwork, collaboration and socialisation skills – working in pairs and groups is a common form of instruction at Samurai
  • The need to be fully mentally present in class improves your child’s focus and concentration.
  • Clear rules and boundaries provide structure, and your child will need to listen to and follow instructions from the Senseis.
  • Karate teaches children non-violent conflict resolution.
  • On a physical level, exercises like the power bridge improve core strength and shoulder stability
  • Punching and kicking offer balance and bilateral integration, essential for letter formation and reading
  • Kicking strengthens large muscle groups, which enhances gross motor co-ordination.
  • Karate focuses on self-improvement, working on specific personal goals
  • Karate teaches your child to keep moving forward, no matter what social and environmental changes take place. This promotes resilience, determination and grit.

If you’d like to train like a boxer but not necessarily get into the ring, this high-intensity, cardio workout will help you build explosiveness and lean muscle mass. It includes skipping, footwork, head movement, ab-core exercises and boxing drills, on focus mitts and heavy bag.

Kickbox Fit

Kickboxfit is a group cardio fitness class that combines martial arts techniques with challenging HIIT, tabata, heavy bag, and focus mitt circuits. You’ll learn kicking combinations and techniques to build stamina and improve co-ordination and flexibility while you burn calories. From beginner to advanced.


This is about building your body to be capable of doing everyday functional activities. The training exercises mimic common movement patterns like pushing and pulling, bending, lifting, digging, chopping, reaching, jumping, slamming, and so on. We do this with weight and resistance to improve strength and agility in the upper and lower bodies, emphasizing core stability, dexterity and balance.


On-demand workshops and self-defence ‘street’ training for all genders and all ages. Learn physical and psychological tools to help prevent and overcome dangerous situations. We combine martial arts and self-defence techniques for more confidence in gun, knife and unarmed combat situations.