The February senior black belt gasshuku is a highlight on Claremont’s annual training calendar. We were honoured to host senior grades from visiting dojos including Sensei Annelize from Vyeboom dojo, Sensei Trusha from Plumstead, Sensei Donald from Bergvliet, and Sensei Mzukisi from the Eastern Cape.

The focus of the gasshuku was on Shihan Chris’s understanding of the Shukokai technique, fostering a deeper understanding of the art of KSI. The weekend offered all the regular training challenges (dojo ball, conditioning exercises, self-defence, and learning a new kata amongst them) with the addition of temperatures soaring to a scorching 40 degrees Celsius.

The sweltering weather added an extra layer of difficulty to the already demanding sessions, creating an environment that tested the resilience and determination of those present. In the midst of sweat-drenched shirts and sun-soaked training grounds, the students not only honed their physical skills but also forged lasting camaraderie. The heat acted as a unifying force, creating a shared experience that bonded individuals in its own special way.

True to form, a Black Belt gasshuku becomes a melting pot of shared passion and dedication, cultivating friendships that will endure beyond the intensity of the training camp. As the sun set on the weekend the exhaustion was evident, but so was the sense of accomplishment and the enduring spirit of KSI.


Sensei Charlie Hinde | 7th Dan KSI