In the heart of Cape Town, the air buzzed with anticipation as the world’s finest karateka gathered to showcase their fighting spirit and unyielding dedication to their craft. Amidst the stunning backdrop of Table Mountain and an exuberant atmosphere of spirit and dedication, the competitors demonstrated not only their technical skill but also the profound impact karate has had on their lives.

Whether kumite or kata, with each powerful strike or shape, the dedicated athletes poured their hearts into every moment of the competition. As the echoes of cheers and applause filled the arena, we had the privilege of catching up with some of the remarkable competitors to glean insights into their exhilarating journey through the championships.


Quoting Competitors:

This was not the first KSI World Championship I’ve been to. I grew up on the sidelines of KSI events, admiring my parents as they competed. And because of that, it’s always been a dream of mine to participate in one. As a result, I was super-thrilled to finally have the opportunity to compete in my first KSI World Championship – but I also already knew how much time, dedication, and hard work I would need to put in. I was determined to do well. I believed and trusted everyone (Senseis, sempais and teammates) who gave time and advice to help prepare me because I knew they all had knowledge and experience that could help me reach my dreams. This experience has been a journey. I’ve grown so much not just physically but also as a karateka, and have built a great bond with my teammates. I look forward to my next KSI event.”

Aleksandros Hiro Kosmas | Jnr 2nd Dan

For me, the world champs was a whetstone upon which to sharpen my karate skills. Nothing like having a goal to focus you.

Alan Goldberg | 4th Dan

I was very excited to represent South Africa at the world championships. I had to train like never before in preparation, but the most important thing for me was my mentality. I had to be determined in what I was doing and focused and disciplined in every aspect of everything. I wanted to go out there do my thing and just represent, and that’s how I felt. I can’t wait to do it again.”

Cuan Sides | 1st Kyu Brown

I’m so proud of myself. It’s been 9 years of training and this is my first time representing our country,  so many great things happened, and I learned so much from watching how other countries fight 👊🏽, I’m looking forward to being in the SA team again Ossa!! 👊🏽”

Cleophas Ndebele | Jnr 1st Dan

 “My experience at the World Champs was electrifying and special as I got to represent our country on such an amazing platform. I got to be part of and experience, firsthand, how awesome the KSI community is. I felt proud to be part of Team SA and I learned so much from watching all the different countries doing what they do best. Most of all, I feel very inspired and totally pumped for the next Worlds!

Lenny Kerwath | Jnr 1st Dan

World tournament has given me the chance to unite with fellow karate enthusiasts, witnessing their remarkable skills, has enriched my spirit and forged bonds that are truly priceless within the KSI family.”

Muzi Li | 1st Dan

My experience at the KSI World Championship was way better than expected. My point of view of karate was one straight line now I see the sport in layers, different angles, and in bolts of energy.

Skyla Kotsedi | 1st Kyu Brown

My experience for the world champs was something I never would have expected. So many amazing things happened and I learned so much about other countries and how to do things better. I enjoyed learning and spotting the things that I can improve on and watching other people and many of my friends who did really well. The event was definitely worth it! I can’t wait for the next one, and to do even better!” OSAAAA.

Nina Janse van Rensburg | Jnr 1st Dan

The world tournament is an experience like no other, during which one not only fights for themselves and their country, but also sets out to showcase their understanding of Kimura Shukokai. Being part of this organisation, filled with international friendships, healthy competition and each person striving to get to the next level is not only an honour, but also a privilege. This world championship was truly aimed at completely enveloping oneself in all things KSI: hit hard, fight hard, party hard, and keep reaching for the next level.

Sabriyyah Ebrahim | 2nd Dan


The KSI Karate World Championships in Cape Town, South Africa, stood as a testament to the power of martial arts to unite people from all over the world. As the participants showcased their unwavering determination and passion, they left an unforgettable impression on both spectators and fellow karateka alike. Beyond the trophies and medals, these champions illuminated the virtues of respect, humility, and resilience ingrained in the spirit of karate.

Until we meet again on the world stage of martial arts, we salute the triumphs of our exceptional karateka who continue to inspire and elevate the spirit of this extraordinary sport.