As the sun sets on 2022, Samurai Claremont gathers for one last session!

This morning our dojo is the magnificent Muizenberg beach, and as always we’re practicing the art of “kime” – the Japanese word for power and focus. The focus today is on family, whether by blood or by dojo, and the lessons learned by all of us from our three senseis Bruce, Charlie, and Brad. We train, we laugh, we play tug of war, black belts versus yellow, adults helping littlies, three on one, (or one on three), we train some more, then clear the beach of litter as little groups form and split, catching up on 2022 and sharing holiday plans and goals for 2023. We thank our senseis with gifts and flowers and say our final farewells before heading off to fill rumbling tums with hot coffee and sweet treats.

In closing, if you’ve been plagued with injuries like I have this year, rest assured your karate family and your senseis are there for you and will get you through it. As Sensei Bruce says ‘Karate is for everyone!!’

2023 Hajime! We are ready!!

RITU VAN VELDEN | 1st Kyu Brown Belt