A big OSAAA to our young warriors who graded to black belt and new Dan grades last Saturday, and to our adults yesterday.

You are a testament that all can achieve much through continuous effort and commitment over many years.

Congrats karateka and to your families and friends for their support and sacrifice, thank you.

Jnr 1st Dan:

Abhay Kalan

Yateen Naran

Tristan Appolis

Mikhil Daya

Zidan Hendrikse

Jnr 2nd Dan:

Alexandros Kosmas

Sophia Stamatiades

Snr 1st Dan:

Robyn Young

Caleb van der Bijl

Haadiyah Ebrahim

Seth Strydom

Snr 3rd Dan:

Kim Prytz

Snr 4th Dan:

Cameron Froud (Student of the Grading)

Dave Hutch

Snr 5th Dan:

Rob Acton

Keep forging karateka, your dojo is where you stand Bruce 🙏