Oss Karateka WOW – what an awesome result by our dojo across all age groups.

Congrats and well done to all our competitors, refs, table officials, helpers, parents and most of all to the best instructors from our dojo for their consistent good work.

I’m proud of all of you for setting a high standard.

Our recipe is simple and proves that what we are teaching is effective. Keep the fundamentals simple: No gaps, stay ready all the time, maintain balance for power and accuracy and commit your simple effort.

Karateka we will stay humble, we will stay hungry, and we will not get comfortable being #1. We will be more prepared and ready for the next event on 30 July!

NB NOTE, which I must share with our competitors who didn’t medal this time.

Thank you for your personal progress.  We lose or we learn. Don’t be discouraged. I’m aware of your progress, keep it up.

Statistically, most champions lose more than they win. Do not give up. Keep learning and keep building your ability through consistent training.

OSAAA Bruce sensei