When you earn a black belt in Kimura Shukokai Karate, you have the added confidence and belief that you can do anything you desire.

The average time of preparation for our juniors’ grading to black belt was some 9 years.

For some of our junior black belts to achieve senior 1st Dan, a total of 13 years of dedication and commitment was needed.

This is a testament that through consistent dedicated time you can do anything you decide to do.

A martial artist understands hard work, effort, disappointment, winning, and the resolve to never stop trying.

OSAAA to our karateka on achieving the following Dan grades:

Jnr 1st Dan:

Tay-yibah Ebrahim

Nina Janse van Rensburg

Talhah Salwary

Connor Houston

Cleophas Ndebele

Jack Cowlin

Andrew Young


Snr 1st Dan:

Maka Mazwadisa

Lulu Mazwadisa

Rafi Pieterse

Muzi Li

Adam Suliaman


Snr 2nd Dan:

Sabriyyah Ebrahim


Snr 4th Dan:

Alan Goldberg


Massive congrats to all our Senseis, fellow students and families, for your consistent encouragement and driving support.

Keep forging, love your progress, no matter how slow. Rest well, reset, and let’s aim for the next level.

We are SAMURAI TOP TEAM OSAAA, Bruce sensei 🙏👊