From gymnastics to matric dances and cycle tours to Shakespeare, we love that Samurai karate students are keen participants of life beyond the dojo. Our warriors have this to say about their recent achievements:

Skyla Kotsedi | Purple Belt | Grade 4

About her participation at the SA National Gymnastics Championships: “Karate helps my gymnastics with form, discipline, and strength. At a previous competition, I combined karate moves with gymnastics and I won first place! My recent karate gradings helped me compete with confidence at last week’s SA National Championship games.”

Haadiyah Ebrahim | Junior Black Belt | Matric Dance 2021 | Head Girl

Seen here with fellow karatekas, friend Adam Suliaman and sister Raabi’ah. About her school career: “Sensei Bruce, thank you for shaping me into the young woman I am today. You have been an instrumental part of my growth and I truly appreciate it. Osu sensei.”

Andrew Young | 1st Kyu Brown Belt | Grade 9

About his lead performance in Shakespeare’s Mid-Summer Night’s Dream: “During my performance, I truly felt the benefits of my karate. I was able to calm my nerves with my breath and become more centered and in control of my actions on stage. Even in a completely different environment, the breath is just one of the many things that carry over from my karate into everyday life. I’m always benefiting from my experience in this martial art. Osu.”

Shaan and Hannes van Velden |  2nd Kyu & 1st Kyu Brown Belts | Shaan is in Grade 5

About their 3hrs 50 minutes dad-and-son tandem achievement at the 2021 Cape Town Cycle Tour: Shaan: “It’s always been my dream to do the Cape Town Cycle Tour and my karate helped me to achieve this goal by making me mentally strong knowing that I am strong.” Says dad Hannes: “I’ve always been tense and active in my shoulders while cycling. Karate has helped me learn to surrender my upper body to my lower body so that my core can do all the work.”


Affirming that karate is not just for the dojo. It’s for life.

A deep bow to you all.

OSAAA, always.