About 18 months ago I was told “As you get older, it becomes extremely difficult to transform your body, so all you can do is maintain the body you have”. That did not sit well with me. I’ve never been one to set limitations on myself, so when I heard that, I decided to join Samurai WarriorFit classes.

WarriorFit is a combination of body conditioning, strength training, HIIT training, boxing, and self-defence techniques. The benefits of WarriorFit include enhanced functional strength, greater endurance, improved muscle strength, a total body tone up, and of course, weight loss. It caters to all ages, both men and women, at all fitness levels.

What makes these classes so unique is that each session is different. We never seem to do the same thing twice but we’re building ourselves all the time. Every class inspires and challenges me to show up. The people I train with have such amazing energy – the laughs and camaraderie make Samurai WarriorFit such a special place to train. We may all be different but we share a common goal: to be the best versions of ourselves we can possibly be every day.

A year and a bit later, I’ve not only transformed my body in more ways than I could ever imagine, but more importantly, I’ve transformed my mind to be more confident, positive, disciplined, and consistent, even in the little things. I feel mentally sharper, and I’ve never been more comfortable in my skin than I am right now. I’m healthy and I’m in love with life. I’m a better mom – I outrun my kids, I out climb my kids, I outplay my kids and I hug all of them really, really hard because I sometimes forget my own strength. Our WarriorFit motto “YES I CAN” is no longer reserved just for the dojo, it’s my motto in everything I do.

SAJIDA KHAN | WarriorFit