Karate parties are easy for you and fun for your children! Ideal for boys and girls from age 4-10, a karate party is perfect for active children with energy to spare.

Partygoers get an experience of what karate is actually about. We play games and activities we teach in a real dojo class – like skipping, jumping, running, and completing a fun obstacle course – and offer instruction on a few simple martial arts moves. While the birthday child and their friends look on, we demonstrate kata (movement patterns that resemble a real fight) and impact (powerful kicks and punches). The amazement on the faces of the onlookers is a delight for us, and a strong indication that the party will be remembered for years to come!

At Samurai, we make sure the birthday child feels really special. The opportunity to wear a genuine and highly sought-after black belt during the party is just one of the ways we acknowledge their special day. Plus, we get to meet their awesome friends, and we go out of our way to make it inclusive and fun for everyone.

We host these parties to show children and parents that karate is not just about discipline and self-defense; it’s also about forming friendships and having a good time. Karate is ideal for anyone looking to improve their self-confidence, get a great workout, or advance themselves through a continuous journey of self-improvement. Parents, that includes you 😉

We love hosting karate parties, and invite you to have one for your child’s next birthday!

“Thanks again for such a special birthday Bruce!! Please tell Luchiano again that he was amazing!!”

For further information, contact Bruce van Rensburg