We’re excited to announce two new Adult Karate Classes for Beginners at 6.00 AM on Wednesday mornings – a women’s only class, with Sensei Kim Prytz and a mixed-gender class, with Sensei Rob Acton. Come and train in a relaxed, non-threatening, learning environment.

Women's only class

It’s very exciting to be teaching a women’s only beginner karate class. Whether the need is cultural or personal, many women feel more relaxed and have a greater sense of wellbeing in a female only learning environment, and we at Samurai are honouring this need. It’s wonderful to work with women to develop the warrior mindset.

The women’s only adult beginner classes give attention to body (fitness and form), mind (confidence, resilience and building a strong resolve) and spirit (working with breath and energy to develop an indomitable spirit) – all the while working in an atmosphere of enjoyment, enthusiasm and effort.

OSAAA to the new Women Warriors!!


Mixed-gender class

‘Shukokai’ means ‘the way for all’. At Samurai, we want to open the way for anyone to get involved in this dynamic, progressive and traditional karate style, no matter your age, physical condition or previous martial arts experience.

Every Wednesday morning at 06h00 is a new class tailored for adult beginners, providing the opportunity for novices to learn the basics of Kimura Shukokai karate in a non-intimidating and friendly environment. You can expect instruction on the basic movement patterns and techniques of our style, as well as a getting on a good sweat.

If you’re brand new to karate and you’re looking for a new challenge, more physical conditioning, or just curious about what the martial arts have to offer, then Wednesday mornings are for you.