The Lone Samurai is the story of Miyamoto Musashi, arguably the greatest swordsman ever lived. Sensei Bruce and I have been reading his story during our training; it has many anecdotes of Musashi’s life. The central theme is his unwavering commitment to his martial arts journey and his strongly individualistic approach to life. Musashi appears to have been very wise for his years, using every conceivable advantage at his disposal to beat his opponents – the environment, his wits, or his weapon of choice (once even a wooden oar!). As Musashi matured, he became more interested in the essence of martial arts and saw no separation between his everyday life and his training. All his texts are permeated with “study this”, “look into that deeply” and “make an effort to understand”. This book and Miyamoto Musashi excite me to pursue a lifetime of martial arts study.

KIM PRYTZ | 2nd Dan Black Belt